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I just want to say that I buy the Ultima shake for my Mom whom needed a meal replacement two years ago when she had her teeth extracted and at the end of that year when she had blood tests done. Her doctor insisted on an appointment to discuss the results, we of course thought it was bad news, but actually she wanted to congratulate my Mom in person for how much her health had improved. My Mom was borderline diabetic with high cholesterol and high blood pressure before she started using Ultima shake. 

To date she has lost 28kg in the last two years as well and her iron levels are never below normal which prior to using Ultima she had a problem with an iron deficiency. Her sugar is at normal levels now, cholesterol completely healthy and blood pressure under control and I completely attribute this to the fact that she continues to have Ultima every day for breakfast.

Kerstin Coetzer, Dec 2017

"It's not only what's inside that sets up apart" 


My family and I have used these products for 10+ years.. and  we couldn't be happier.  Thank you Ultima.

The Madden Family, Feb 2017

I want to say thanks to you, Ultima as you changed a family's life, my daughter started using the products a year ago and today she reached her goal weight losing 50kg, as her granny told her about the product. We will now be able to show the results and and give a life changing product to our friends and family. Once again thank you.

Tania L, Sept 2017

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