"Hi to all at ultima, I have struggled with eczema my entire 45yrs of life, but since using your amazing product as a meal replacement for it's beneficial supplements I have noticea significant change in my skin. I have not had a outbreak of nasty eczema since. I have also been using a probiotic intensive rescue which I'm sure helps too but I just wanted to say thank you for your amazing meal replacement. I feel better than ever. - Kind Regards Clinton 



“I am a very active 40+ guy and have recently discovered Ultima Adaptogens. For some reason or other multivitamins made me feel sluggish, and a friend suggested I try adaptogens. I am delighted to have discovered them and feeling on top on my game both physically and mentally.Thank you Ultima for this exceptional product”. - Regards Brad L. - Cape Town 



It took me 9 months to lose 50kgs!  I love my life now, feel confident and have energy and can go into any shop and buy clothes.  Never before could I imagine myself buying an item in a small size!   I have started a new way of life thanks to Ultima 1. *Results may vary by individual. - Regards Erica Carstens



I first started using Ultima products in 1997 when I joined the company selling the product.  Although I left the company in 2003 I have still continued to use Ultima 1 and the Adaptogens.  Great products.  - Regards Allen Morrison



At 81, I remain healthy, fit and competitive. Now cycling, I am still exceeding my performance expectations. I take Ultima’s Adaptogens, Kan Jang and Joint Health to remain injury and illness free and can definitely notice an increase in my performances during training and racing seasons. I have far more energy reserves, increased concentration and physical stamina and also enjoy a dramatic reduction in recovery times. - Regards Clive Crawley



I highly recommend Brain Fuel to any Mom who would like to improve her child’s academic performance. - Regards Desiree Harrison



My family and I love the South African outdoor lifestyle. I use Anti-Ageing to protect my body and skin from the damaging effects of the environment. - Regards Beatrix Lee



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