Terms and Conditions

P2Life (Pty) Limited hosts and manages Ultima Online Store on behalf of Ultima. If you would like to talk directly to us, please call 021 702 3910, lines are open 08:00 am - 4:00 pm Monday – Friday. These terms and conditions are applicable every time you access this website and/or order goods from this website.

P2Life (Pty) Limited may modify these terms and conditions from time to time in its sole discretion and each time you place an order via this Website this shall constitute acceptance of these terms as at the date such order is placed.

Please note that in terms of the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008, a consumer is to be given an adequate opportunity to receive and understand these terms. Please take sufficient time to acquaint yourself with such terms and understand their importance and effect.

1. Ownership

1.1 This site is operated by P2Life (Pty) Limited, a South African company. Our registered office is: Unit 2, 22 Bell Close, Westlake Business Park, Cape Town, 7945.

1.2 All rights in this website are owned by P2Life (Pty) Limited. Any unauthorised use, copying or modification is prohibited.

1.3 Any contract of sale arising on the basis set out in these terms shall be between P2Life (Pty) Limited and you.

1.4 Territoriality – The present Terms and Conditions are subject to amendments at any time. It is important that the Customer reads these terms on a regular basis. Orders are therefore governed by the online Terms and Conditions in effect at the time orders are placed.

2. Ordering goods and cancellations

2.1 No information or data on this website is an offer, but merely an invitation to do business.

2.2 All orders placed through this website will be subject to our acceptance of the order. We reserve the right to decline any order without giving any reasons and will only be liable to refund monies already paid by you.

2.3 When you submit an order to us on this website, you will receive an email to confirm that we are processing your order. You should check this email for accuracy and let us know immediately if there are any errors. This email does not constitute acceptance of the order by us. Your order will be accepted by us when we dispatch the goods to you, which will conclude the agreement of sale between us. You will become the owner of the goods on receipt of delivery thereof by you.

2.4 Where you have redeemed a promotional code or any other offer (“a Code”) against your order, acceptance of this order is subject to us verifying that the Code has been issued to you personally, that you comply with all the terms of the offer and qualify for the Code. In the event that the Code has not been issued to you for your personal use or you do not qualify for the offer, the price of the order will be adjusted notwithstanding any email or other confirmation that you receive.

2.5 Placing an item in a shopping basket on this website without completing the purchase cycle, set forth in clauses 2.3 and 2.4 above, shall not:-

2.5.1 constitute an order for such item; or

2.5.2 constitute an agreement of sale between us and you cannot hold us liable if such items are not available when the purchase cycle is completed at a later point in time.

2.6 You are entitled to cancel, without reason and without penalty, any agreement for the supply of goods within 7 days after the date of receipt of the goods. Upon notifying P2Life of your cancellation P2Life will issue you with a unique RMA number. You must return the goods to P2Life in the same condition and packaging as P2Life delivered them to you and you will be required to bear the costs of returning the goods .P2Life shall reimburse you for any payments made within 30 days of the date of cancellation.

2.7 If you do not return the goods in the same condition and completeness, P2Life may either reject the cancellation or accept the cancellation and levy a reasonable charge against you. Please note a restocking fee will apply on all goods not returned in the same state as when they were dispatched to you by P2Life

2.8 Returned goods remain your property and responsibility until such time as P2Life signs acceptance of the return delivery of the goods. We strongly advise you to use a secure courier service for the return of goods, for example MDS Collivery Couriers, the cost of which is your responsibility. Should you wish to return any goods, please go to the Returns section for further information.

3. Processing your orders and payment

3.1 Orders placed through the internet are processed Monday to Friday according to the principal first come, first served. The processing time is subject to the payment method, stock availability and internal company procedures. Processing times may therefore vary from a few minutes to several days.

3.2 Whilst it is our intention to keep our website up to date and error free, product description or pricing errors may occur. However, should errors occur and items are offered at incorrect prices, we will not be obliged to sell the goods at such incorrect prices and shall only be liable to refund you for monies paid. If we discover such an error after you have submitted the order to us, we will contact you prior to acceptance of your order with the correct details. You may then either cancel your order or re-confirm it based on the correct information. If we are unable to contact you via the contact details provided by you, we will treat your order as cancelled.

3.3 All prices shown on our website are inclusive of VAT. Delivery charges are clearly highlighted throughout the site.

3.4 If you are using a credit card, your card will be authorised during processing to ensure funds are available. The transaction will not be settled from the bank immediately.

3.5 Any claim of nonconformity, damage, delivery discrepancy etc. should be made before 10:00 am on the business day that follows the parcel delivery. Any claim that does not satisfy the above mentioned conditions within the time allowed will not be taken into account and P2Life will refuse any responsibility in the matter.

3.6 Prices are shown in the local currency, VAT included, shipping fees excluded.

3.7 P2Life prices being in constant evolution, the prices shown are subject to modification at any time. Prices may also vary due to a launching price, a promotional offer or sales. Prices of items that are not in stock or that are in pre-order are valid during 7 days after the order was placed. Should the price of those items change with respect to the pre-order price, the Customer will be informed and will have the possibility to cancel his/her order.

4. Delivery

4.1 We will make every reasonable effort to effect delivery in accordance with the estimated delivery dates. If we are unable to deliver any part of the goods on time or we are unable to deliver the goods for any reason which is not within our control, then the time for delivery shall be extended for a reasonable time after the cause of the delay has ceased.

4.2 Should we be unable to perform in accordance with a purchase order because the goods ordered are unavailable, we will notify you as soon as reasonably possible of this fact and refund any payments within 30 days after date of such notification.

4.3 When we deliver your items to you, you will be asked to sign for the goods to acknowledge that you have received them. It is your duty to inspect the goods on receipt and by signing the delivery note; it shall be deemed that the goods have been received in good order.

4.4 Where you have provided P2Life with an incorrect delivery address at the time you ordered the goods, you will be required to pay the additional delivery costs incurred by P2Life. You are therefore requested to review the transaction details in the emails referred to in clause 2.3 and advise us of any errors in the delivery address prior to delivery of the goods.

4.5 Should carriers be on strike or should any “force majeure” event occur and slow down or stop the delivery of parcels, P2Life will do its best to inform the Customer of the status of the shipment.

4.6 The Customer should check with the local authorities of his/her geographical residence about the entry conditions for the ordered items. It is the Customer’s responsibility to make the necessary declaration(s) and/or payment(s) to the appropriate authorities and or officials in his or her respective country.

4.7 The Customer should inquire at local authorities on the legalities of importing or using the services and items ordered.

4.8 The Customer should make sure that the technical specifications detailed by the manufacturer respect the legislation of their respective country.

4.9 P2Life cannot be held liable if the Customer does not respect the legislation of the country in which the items will be introduced. Such a check must be performed any time the Customer leaves South Africa.

5. Availability

While stocks last, our items are available and our prices are applicable as long as they are featured on our website. Customers may obtain more information by phone, email or fax.

Should an item become unavailable, it would be expressly stated on the related web pages. Depending on the item’s status, any of the following statuses could appear: “out of stock”, “sold out”, “Pre-order now”, “On request”, “Discontinued”.

In the event that P2Life is unable to ascertain information from its suppliers regarding a product, the Company will inform the Customer of the delay by email. The Customer will have the option of cancelling his/her order or switching to an alternative item recommended by P2Life. In any case, no penalty fees will be charged for cancelling the order.

6. Returns

6.1 Returns can be made should the goods fail to:

  • be of good quality, and free of any defects; or

6.2 You may return the goods within 7 days of the date of delivery.

Please note that packaging must be in the same condition as when received to be eligible for a refund, and all goods will be tested if reported faulty upon their return either by P2Life technical staff or the manufacturer where appropriate. If the goods appear to be defective, we will either replace the defective goods, or refund you for the purchase price paid for the goods.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Only the items with a proven DOA defect stemming from the manufacturer will be accepted. Otherwise, the item may be returned to the Customer, at his/her own expense, or the reason of return amended by an appropriate one.
If the goods appear to be defective, we will replace the defective goods, or refund you for the purchase price paid for the goods.

6.3 Please note that we cannot accept any returns on items where the seal has been broken.

6.4 Please note that we will not accept any return of goods, of which the condition was specifically declared prior to the execution of the sale.

7. Loss of parcel

Should such a situation arise, P2Life is compelled to respect the time-frames set by the carriers in regard to declaring the loss and the refunding of the shipment. Hence, the Customer is also bound to the same time-frames:

– In order for P2Life to officially declare a parcel lost, the Customer has ten (10) business days to declare the loss of a parcel starting from the date he or she received the shipment confirmation e-mail. Beyond this time period, no claim will be accepted.

– If the parcel was declared as lost within the above mentioned time, P2Life will attend to filing a claim with the carrier. P2Life may eventually ask the Customer for additional documents to complete the composition of the file’s content. The Customer will then need to send the information as soon as possible.

– The final response related to claims is given by the carrier within a one to three-week period. The nature of the response can be one of two types: either the parcel is found and then sent back to the Customer by standard procedure, or the parcel is declared as lost by the carrier and P2Life informs the Customer. In this case, and in accordance with the customer’s wishes, P2Life can make a second shipment of the order or proceed by fully refunding the Customer for the total amount paid.

8. Reception of parcel

When the items are delivered to the Customer, the latter will be asked to sign for the goods as acknowledgement of receipt.

All the parcels are sent in a cardboard box or in padded envelopes.

The Customer must check the parcel. If a parcel comes partly or totally damaged, the Customer’s reservations must be written on the delivery note in the presence of the carrier.

Should no reservation be mentioned, the parcel is considered as delivered in good condition and no subsequent claims or complaints will be accepted by P2Life. Should the customer want to preserve recourse against the courier, he/she must put in a claim in writing to the courier within 3 days (public holidays excluded) following the day of delivery. This claim must be sent by registered letter with a form for acknowledgment of receipt.

Any unclaimed parcel that is returned to P2Life can be sent back to the Customer provided that he/she repays the delivery fees.

9. Vat, import duty and other sales taxes

9.1 All prices listed on the site include VAT and you will not be charged unless stated otherwise.

9.2 All prices on the P2Life Online Store are FINAL. There are no additional charges with the exception of delivery and handling charges if required.

10. Privacy

10.1 P2Life and Ultima will electronically collect, store and use the information given at the time of your order. This information is not disclosed to any other party.

10.2 We aim to offer top quality products and service at the best price possible, to do this we need to reserve the right to change the above policies at any time.

10.3 All information collected shall only be disclosed to other parties if you have consented to such disclosure or we need to disclose your information as required by law.

11. Security

11.1 On the order processing pages where we accept credit card information we use a third party payment gateway (PayGate) with encryption. PayGate is a PCI compliant company.

11.2 We will take all reasonable precautions to keep the details of your order and payment secure, but, unless we are negligent, we cannot be held liable for any losses caused as a result of unauthorised access to your information.

12. Pricing

Prices on order for out-of-stock or pre-release items are valid for one week after the order is placed. Should the price change when the stock becomes available, you will be informed of the change before payment is processed and offered the opportunity to cancel the order.

13. Business customers

If you are a business customer, you will not export any goods purchased from us in contravention of South Africa’s export controls.

14. Promotional Products

Our promotional products are used to make superb offers to private individuals; it is not intended for trade or corporate customers so we reserve the right to refuse an order for more than 50 units at promotional prices from the same customer, company or organisation.

16. General

16.1 The use of this site and any contracts formed are governed by South African Law.

16.2 We shall not be responsible to you for incidental, special, indirect or consequential loss or damage, any loss of profit (direct or indirect), loss of sales, loss of goodwill or reputation, loss of business, third party claims, pure economic loss arising out of or in connection of the performance or non-performance of our obligations under these terms and conditions including such damage as may be reasonably foreseeable at the date you order the goods. Such liability is excluded irrespective of whether it arises in contract, delict, statute or otherwise.

16.3 Nothing in these terms and conditions shall exclude or restrict our liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence.

16.4 Our liability for any claim for loss or damage shall be limited to the sum paid by you for the goods or a replacement of the goods.

16.5 If any provision of these terms and conditions is found to be invalid or unenforceable by a court the invalidity or unenforceability of such provision shall not affect the other provisions of these terms and conditions.

16.6 We may assign or transfer any of our rights or sub contract any of our obligations under these terms and conditions to any third party.

16.7 You may not assign or transfer any of your rights or sub contract any of your obligations under these terms and conditions except with our specific permission in writing.

16.8 We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions from time to time and any such changes will be communicated on our website. You will be bound by the terms on this website as at the date you place an order.

16.9 There are from time to time links on our website to third party websites which we believe may be of interest to you. We do not have any control over the content of these websites nor can we be held liable in respect of anything contained on these websites.

16.10 These terms and conditions govern the entire trading relationship between you and ourselves and will remain in force for the duration of our trading relationship.

16.11 All intellectual property rights (including the use of trade marks) shall be solely owned by us. You are permitted only to use material on this website as expressly authorised by us or our licensors.

16.12 Any unauthorised use of material on this site is strictly prohibited.

16.13 These Terms and Conditions supersede all previous Terms and Conditions, representations, undertakings and agreements.

17. Coupon vouchers/ code and Gifts

17.1 We offer free Coupon Vouchers to customers as a marketing tool. Such Coupon Vouchers may not be used in conjunction with any other offer where we decide at our sole discretion that they may not be used.

17.2 Gifts are issued in Ultima's sole discretion and we are entitled at any time to correct, cancel or reject a Coupon for any reason (including without limitation where a gift has been distributed in an unauthorised manner). Users do not have a right to Gifts are issued under specific terms and conditions regulating when and how they may be used.As a general rule, and unless specified otherwise on the specific Gift itself:

17.3 As a general rule, and unless specified otherwise on the specific Gift itself:

  • each Gift can only be used once;
  • only one Gift can be used per order;
  • only one Gift can be used on the website per person per promotion/campaign;
  • Gifts with a percentage discount offer may only be used on purchases over R100;
  • a Gift must be used at check-out – it cannot be used later on existing orders; and
  • the value of the Gift will be set off against the value of your shopping cart and the balance remaining, if any, will be payable by you.

17.4 Ultima is not responsible for any harm due to the loss, unauthorised use or distribution of a Gift.

17.5 If for any reason a Gift does not reflect in the final amount due to you at check-out, you can contact us here to confirm if the Gift is still valid. If Ultima confirms that the Gift is still valid and you have already placed your order, you can choose whether to cancel the order and place it again with the Coupon, or you can use the Gift on your next order within the limitations of the specific Gifts terms and conditions.

17.6 You may be required to submit the original communication containing the Gift code, and any other information reasonably requested by Ultima, before you are able to use a Gift.

18. Errors and omissions excepted

In respect of any information provided on this website or any order, errors and omissions are excepted.

19. No effect to statutory rights

The above policies are part of our commitment to high quality service. They do not affect your statutory rights as a consumer.



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