P2Life Nutrition SA


P2life products are a protein-packed nutritional powerhouse for your tested elite athlete, who is subject to testing on an international level. Certified safe and free for banned substances by BSCG, the gold standard in certification and testing.

For those athletes that have not reached the "tested elite athlete level," your child should be on our foundational product range - Ultima Sport

Both formulations are almost identical, so you know your child is covered from the foundation (6-17yrs) to the elite athlete level (mostly starting at around 17 yrs and up), making sure they get the same nutrition from the start.

NutriBoost is scientifically designed to speed up recovery and boost energy levels with a taste you’ll actually enjoy.
PowerBoost is an amino acid blend that cuts down recovery times, rapidly repairs and builds muscle tissue, helps build endurance, and reduces the rate of age-related muscle loss.
Enduroboost Adaptogens helps improve physical endurance, energy levels, reduce recovery times, and combat stress. It's a must-have for any athlete training longer than an hour.


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