Ultima Sport Endurance - Adaptogens (90 Veg Capsules - 30 Servings)

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10 Reasons why you need Ultima Endurance!

  1. Improves physical performance.
  2. Reduces recovery times.
  3. Promoted balance.
  4. Reduces physical and mental stress.
  5. Helps with concentration.
  6. All in one supplement with benefits of many – making it the most cost-effective
  7. Helps you to sleep better
  8. Caffeine and stimulant free
  9. Helps to normalize your eating patterns
  10. Improves your mood

Ultima Endurance has a combination of three Adaptogenic herbs, specifically formulated for athletes to promote physical performance, increase mental and physical stamina, reduce recovery times, and fight stress. This unique product helps your body adapt and deal with both mental and physical stress and fatigue, and will help you push yourself further for longer, safely.

Everybody deals with stress differently, the Ultima Endurance is designed to help athletes adapt to the stressful demands of their sport. Ultima Endurance helps promote more controlled breathing, reduce recovery times, stiffness and cramping, and help athletes maintain focus and concentration for longer. 

An adaptogen is a substance that prepares and defends the body against different forms of physical, psychological, chemical or biological stress. It makes the body more adaptable so that the body and brain can react more easily and rapidly to stress in a constructive way. They increase the human body´s natural resistance to physical and emotional stress, fatigue, depression, and organic illness and also increase concentration, coordination, and endurance.

Adaptogens exert a normalizing influence on the body at all levels:

  • Physical: helps to increase strength & stamina
  • Mental: helps to improve mental clarity and accelerates decision-making abilities
  • Emotional: helps to reduce overreaction and conflict
  • Recovery: helps to reduce the period of recovery in sports and injuries.
  • Helps to speed up recovery times between training sets and taper times
  • Helps to promote a level of homeostasis (balance in the body)
  • Helps to provide protective benefits for the heart, brain, liver and overall immune system
  • Stimulant-free, 100% natural and completely safe, Ultima Adaptogens help your body and mind to cope with stress naturally.

Who is it Ideal for?

Aspiring and Professional Athletes:

Face exceptional physical and mental demands as they try to take their bodies to the next level. Ultima Endurance is designed to help these athletes cope with the stress, combat fatigue and help them push themselves further, for longer, safely. 

Anyone under stress:

The average adult and student-athletes deal with daily stress that can wreak havoc on your energy levels. While everyone deals with stress in their own way, adaptogens help defend the body against physical, psychological, chemical and biological stress. Simply, the Ultima Endurance can benefit anyone by helping the body fight harmful effects of stress, including loss of energy, unwanted weight gain, and lack of sleep.

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90 Capsules



Cost Per Serving

   Less than a coffee and keeps you on your toes for a lot longer.

   R 9.91

Nutritional Info

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Directions For Use

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   Schisandra Chinesis (in Ultima Endurance) may interact with Warfarin

What Else?

A whole bunch of awesomeness for your body.



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