Fatigue Fighter

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3 x Adaptogens

10 Reasons to buy Ultima Fatigue Fighter NOW!

  1. Fights stress – the cause of most health problems
  2. Increases mental and physical energy
  3. Increases stamina and performance
  4. Counteracts physical and mental fatigue
  5. All in one supplement with benefits of many – making it the most cost-effective
  6. Helps you to sleep better
  7. Caffeine and stimulant free
  8. Puts vigor back into your bedroom
  9. Helps to normalise your eating patterns
  10. Improves your mood

Product facts:

Ultima Fatigue Fighter contain 3 x packs of Ultima Adaptogens that includes a 10.25% discount!

Container Size:

90 Tablets

Recommended Serving:

2-4 tablets daily

Servings per Container:

3-6 weeks supply

Active Ingredients:

Rhodiola Rosea SHR-5, Eleutherococcus Senticosus, Schizandra Chinensis. Plus 10 additional synergistically beneficial herbs and vitamins.

For the Patient Information Leaflet with all possible precautions clicks here.

Ideal for:

Physical exhaustion


Mental fatigue

Busy Executives

Emotional stress



What do the scientists say?

After conducting 7 years of extensive research & human trials, The Russian Space Agency now requires all cosmonauts to take Adaptogen tablets on a daily basis to increase working capacity and reduce stress & fatigue.

How does it work?

Ultima Adaptogens contain all 3 universally approved adaptogens in both the exact amounts and most potent extract forms to provide maximum benefit.

Adaptogens exert a normalising influence on the body at all levels:

  • Physical: helps to increase strength & stamina
  • Mental: helps to improve mental clarity and accelerates decision-making abilities
  • Emotional: helps to reduce overreaction and conflict
  • Recovery: helps to reduce the period of recovery in sports and injuries.
  • Helps to speed up recovery times between training sets and taper times
  • Helps to promote a level of homeostasis (balance in the body)
  • Helps to provide protective benefits for the heart, brain, liver and overall immune system

Stimulant-free, 100% natural and completely safe, Ultima Adaptogens help your body and mind to cope with stress naturally.

Who should be taking this?


Many South Africans spend on average 50 minutes a day commuting, which is stressful. Their jobs, dealing with kids, payments and a lot of other factors also contribute to higher stress levels. The Ultima adaptogens have been shown to help the body adapt to and fight the harmful effects of stress such as a loss of energy, unwanted weight gain or lack of sleep.


 Over 17 Olympians took Ultima’s Adaptogens in 2012 prior to and during the London games. They are also taken by the top, U16, U17 age groupers in swimming.


The ingredients in Ultima adaptogens have been shown to increase DNA and RNA in the cells and trigger the manufacture of proteins used to repair damaged cells.

ANYONE WANTING TO LOSE WEIGHT: elevated cortisol levels have been associated with increased levels of belly (unhealthy) fats. Rhodiola Rosea (one of the prime ingredients) is proven to reduce general anxiety and reduce stress. By taking this, you will naturally lower your cortisol levels, and even better brighten your mood. You will be less likely to engage in stress related eating and binging.


Use in conjunction with Ultima 1 Nutritional Shakes.



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