Fat Away

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10 Reasons to buy Ultima Fat Away NOW!

  1. Helps in managing your weight by binding to fat
  2. Helps to limit the absorption of fat into your system
  3. Helps to cause the fat to pass right through your system
  4. Helps to reduce blood pressure
  5. Helps to reduce cholesterol
  6. Can be used as a soluble dietary fibre
  7. Helps to give you that ”full” feeling so you won’t be hungry
  8. Helps to rapidly heal wounds, by naturally aiding in the blood clotting process
  9. It has antibacterial properties
  10. Enhances your energy levels




How does it work?

Ultima Fat Away assists in targeting fat loss through its 3-way action formula:
  • Fat Binding Chitosan, which safely helps bind fat molecules that you consume helping your body eliminate rather than absorb fat. (Fat binding blend includes Lecithin, Inositol, Choline, Betaine Hydrochloride.)
  • Energising Blend (Guarana, Caffeine, Capsicum and Taurine) that often found in thermogenic products and energy drinks, to revitalize both mind and body helping promote physical activity by intensifying energy levels.
  • Vitamins: B2, B6, B12, Pantothenic Acid and Mega B-Vitamin Complex with optimal dosages for maximizing energy and assist with anti-stress benefits.

Product facts:

Container Size: 180 Tablets
Recommended Serving:  3 to 4 tablets with each meal.
Servings per Container:   15 to 20 days supply
Active Ingredients:  Chitosan, Guarana, Garcinia Cambogia, Choline, Capsicum.
Plus 8 additional synergistically beneficial vitamins and amino acids.
Ultima Fat Away contains no diuretics, laxatives or preservatives.

Who should use Ultima Fat Away?

Fat Away should be used for:
  • Weight management
  • Energy deficiency
  • Physical exhaustion
  • Athletes
  • Men and women



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