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10 Reasons to buy Ultima Metabolift NOW!

  1. Helps to reduce hunger pangs
  2. Helps to boost your energy levels
  3. Ginseng is a naturally occurring stimulant
  4. Ginseng helps to reduce blood alcohol levels
  5. Helps to increase your metabolism to use up those excess calories
  6. Helps to lower blood sugar
  7. Helps to relieve stress and promote relaxation
  8. Helps to treat diabetes
  9. Helps to treat sexual dysfunction in men
  10. Helps to lower cholesterol levels



How does it work?

Ultima Metabolift is a potent herbal thermogenic formula, guaranteed to boost energy levels and speed up your metabolism. It offers a powerful 2-way action that:

  • Enhances the basic metabolic rate to help you burn more calories
  • Maximises energy thus promoting physical activity

Only effective as part of energy-reduced balanced diet and exercise regime.    

Product facts:

Container Size:   90 Tablets

Recommended Serving:    3-6 tablets daily

Servings per Container:    3-6 weeks supply

Active Ingredients:

Guarana, Ginseng, Spirulina, Capsicum, Zingiber.

Plus 15 additional synergistically beneficial herbs, vitamins and amino acids. 

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Ideal for:

Weight management

Inactive People

Energy deficiency

Physical exhaustion

People starting an exercise program

Men and Women

For optimum results:

Use in conjunction with Ultima 1 Nutritional Shakes and Ultima Adatogens.



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