21 Nutrition Tips

  1. Make time for breakfast. Eating breakfast helps fuel your body for the day, and gets your metabolism going.
  2. Eat lean proteins at every meal. Eating lean proteins help to build and maintain healthy muscles.
  3. One way of being conscious of healthy lifestyle tips is to read the labels on food packing to ensure that there are a low percentage of fats in it.
  4. Fruits should always be eaten on an almost empty stomach and never after a meal, because this causes the fruit to ferment in the stomach and the food which was eaten before it blocks the passage to the intestines for further absorption. You end up getting a “gassy” feeling and the benefits of the fruits are lost.
  5. Chewing your food properly and eating slowly is a tip for healthy eating as it not only helps you to savour the food but also helps in starting the process of digesting it in the mouth with the saliva. Saliva breaks down the starches and this is done better if the food is eaten slowly and chewed well.
  6. Food should be eaten in a peaceful atmosphere and not when one is stressed or tense as this creates digestive problems like heartburn and colitis.
  7. Start taking vitamin and mineral supplements to help you maintain your health.
  8. Canned vegetables may be convenient but they are filled with sodium which can cause bloating. If you must use them, make sure you rinse them well to reduce the sodium content.
  9. Watch out for hidden sugar. Sugar is a common additive to almost everything that tastes good, including low fat yoghurt and other ‘healthier’ food options.
  10. Don’t replace meals with your favourite treat. Learn to enjoy them in moderation.
  11. Carry water with you. Often people eat when they are thirsty, not hungry, so carry a bottle of water with you everywhere to stay hydrated and on track.
  12. Have set meal times and try stick to them. Putting your body in a schedule like this helps you to really know when you are hungry.
  13. Eat fruit instead of drinking fruit drinks, which have more sugar and less nutrients.
  14. Eat the right carbs. Good carbs will give your body enough of an insulin response to have an anabolic effect on the muscles without storing excess body fat.
  15. Make sure you’re getting enough fibre.
  16. Have a look at a food pyramid. The food pyramid was designed to help you balance what you’re eating and get the right amounts of each thing.
  17. Watch out for tricky advertising. Some foods aren’t exactly truthful in their advertising and it’s up to you to find out what is truly healthy.
  18. Go lean. If you do want to indulge in some beef, choose the most lean and healthy cuts available.
  19. Eat the rainbow. When you want to eat healthy, it’s best to eat a wide variety of colors of foods, from leafy greens to bright red tomatoes.
  20. Hide the healthy foods. If you can’t bear to eat a piece of broccoli or a carrot, you can always chop it up super fine and hide it in a sauce so you’re getting your nutrition without the taste.
  21. Cut back on salt. Too much salt can lead to stroke and heart problems.

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