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Racing thoughts…………. Constant worrying ……… Constant feelings of uncertainty and feeling insecure.

Uncertainty is the hardest thing to handle during these times.  We just don’t know how we will be impacted should we, our families or work colleagues be exposed or infected with Covid19.

So how do we go about our ‘normal’ daily lives without these uncertainties and insecurities and how do we go about trying to put them to rest?

 1.Focus on things you can control.

Focus and give energy to things that you know you can solve and action.If worried about your health during Covid19, you can take action by following good hygiene practices, cleaning surfaces, avoiding crowds and helping vulnerable family, friends or neighbours. Stay connected to love-ones via the digital networks so that you know how everyone is doing.

2.Challenge your need for certainty and learn to tolerate uncertainties

Remind yourself that you are not able to control and know everything that will happen. Prepare for things you know will happen, like running out of milk or data.  The random and unpredictable things are going to happen whether you worrying about them or not – so why worry.

3.Reduce and manage your anxiety and stress levels

Make time for relaxation and do something that you enjoy and takes your mind off the ‘now and trending’.  Enjoy taking part in some moderate exercise, like walking, and get moving to re-energize your body and mind.  Getting enough good sleep is important – but if your anxiety and stress levels are high then it becomes tough to get good sleep.

 4.Enjoy a healthy diet

Eat foods that you enjoy and that are healthy.  Foods that help to maintain good energy and mood levels. Limit your sugar and alcohol intake.

5.Strengthen your immunity and overall health and wellness

Because we know that the food we eat today does not contain all the vitamins and minerals our body needs, it is essential to supplement with multivitamins, immune boosters and other health supplements.  Supplementation won’t stop you from possible Covid19 infection, however looking after yourself with a well-balanced diet and supplementation will help to support good health and wellness and keep your body, mind and immune system in good shape.

Let Ultima Nutritional Supplements help you to cope and get through this pandemic – help to keep your body, soul and mind at peace and provide balance.

With specially formulated products like:

We encourage you to let us know how you are coping during these challenging times.
What works for you?
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  • Mariaan

    I’ve been taking Metabolift for 20 years and can’t start a day without it! I’ve been asked so many times what keeps me going and how I manage to stay fit, and I could without any doubt reply, that it can only be this amazing product! I’m looking forward to also use the Adaptogens!

  • Angela Andreou

    I have been using brain fuel for years and feel great with it. Now I’m using st john wort and waiting to feel results and tomorrow I’m going to buy anti aging.

    Love these products.


    I am thrilled with my Beauty basket purchase that included so many of my needed nutrients to optimise my immunity and health. I am more focused and have more energy and my cravings for junk food are under control. I will definitely order again.

  • Kaye

    I have been exercising and I take my adaptogens and anti ageing every morning together with keeping a positive outlook have managed to keep going

  • Patricia Webster

    I take Ultima adaptagens for my daily energy and start the day with a green smoothie to kickstart the day

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