A Proven Guide to Maximizing Performance through Nutrition

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A Proven Guide to Maximizing Performance through Nutrition

Welcome to the "P2Life and Ultima Maximum Performance Series",
The Key To Gold Medal Results!

For over 4 decades we’ve seen a lot, we’ve learned a lot and now we want to pass on that knowledge. We’ve seen up-and-coming teens become Olympic Champions. We’ve witnessed Master Athletes go on to break over 800 World records. We’ve had countless conversations with athletes, parents, coaches, and nutritional experts. We’ve noticed through all these conversations that there still seems to be a common theme of “eating correctly is hard".

It is hard, but it doesn’t have to be.

Over the course of the next 3 weeks, we will be sending you an email every Thursday on a critical aspect on nutrition. Our goal is simple. To inform you on how you can achieve your maximum potential by achieving maximum health through the power and timing of proper nutrition. After all, you are what you eat.

This nutritional email series will be covering the following topics. 

  1. Introduction (today's email)

  2. What nutrients do I need, how much of each, and which are the superior sources.

  3. Ensuring you have all the nutrients you need when you need them.

  4. Putting it all together for you and making it work (We’ve also got a little trick to help you here).

We will keep this one short and sweet. Here is a little info on what each email will cover.


Email 2: What nutrients do I need, how much of each, and which are the superior sources.

  • We will discuss both the “essential” nutrients we all need to survive and thrive and other nutrients that, while not essential, protect us while helping the body function and perform better.

  • We will cover the differences between what nutrients are on the label of a product, and what your body actually receives.

  • Certain sources of a nutrient are much better than other sources of that same nutrient, and knowing which sources are best for human consumption and absorption and more!

Email 3: Ensuring you have all the nutrients you need, when you need them.

  • Explores and explains the critical role of the timing of consumption of nutrients. That you have every nutrient you need when you need them. The ultimate key to maximizing health and performance.

Email 4: Putting it all together for you and making it work.

  • The different options you have, and how to best choose given your situation and goals.

  • How we have thought and researched all these various factors, the interplay between them, to come up with the solution that easily fits into any lifestyle, helping guarantee you always have what you need to maximize your overall health and performance.


At the end of this email series you will have a better understanding of how to maximize your health and performance.

We at P2Life take our health and performance seriously too, so much so that we were involved with the creation of the very first and patented nutritional formula. Over the past 40 years, we have been improving and perfecting it, a formula that provides your body with a very dense, complete nutritional foundation.

We call them our Nutritional shakes because they does just that. They provide your body with basically all the essential nutrients your body needs, in dosages that actually make a difference.

Our Sports ranges have proven the key to achieving maximum health and with it maximum performance by countless world-class athletes. It will help do the same for you.

P2life & Ultima Athletes

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