Boost and Strengthen your Immunity

Boost and Strengthen your Immunity

As fears continue to rise in the midst of the now rapidly spreading Corona Virus (COVID-19), many of us are wondering what we can do to protect ourselves and our families from what may seemingly be inevitable.

Ask yourself: “If I become ill or catch the virus, will my immunity be strong enough to fight back.”

Immunity is defined as the ability to resist a particular infection, toxin or disease. The immune system protects the body from disease and infection. It is this system that produces the response to defend your body from foreign substances.

Covid-19 has forced us to re-evaluate and re-think the role our immune system plays on our overall health and wellness.  Your health is one of the most valuable and most important things you have.

A healthy immune system can therefore help to fight and fend off diseases and infections, while a compromised and weak immune system may make you 
susceptible to frequent infection and severe symptoms.

To help further strengthen your immune system and not compromise on your health, a good multivitamin will help to ensure your body is supplied with all the necessary vitamins and minerals it needs everyday to function optimally. What we eat alone does not supply optimal amounts of vitamins and minerals for health, and therefore supplementation is essential.

Take charge of your health now. The rewards of optimal health and well-being will be well worth your efforts. Get stronger from the inside out.

Take the guess work out of your health needs. Boost and strengthen your immunity and perform at your peak with Ultima Tri Immune and Ultima Multi Vitamin.



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