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From 23 July to 8 August, the world will be delighting in moments of competition, victory and glory, when we watch top athletes perform at their best and go for gold at the Tokyo Olympics.

One such athlete is Matthew Sates.  A 17-year-old South African, Durban scholar, who has been torching some of the fastest swimming times in the history of the 17-18 age group. Only the legendary, 21 gold medal winner, Michael Phelps now ranks above Sates in the 200 IM and 100 Fly in the 17-18 age group.

Could Matt surpass Michael’s times and later accomplishments? We believe he can.

To qualify for the Olympics takes huge amounts of effort, dedication and determination from the athletes, coach and family.  Having a good nutritional diet plays a critically, vital role and enhances overall performance and recovery of the athlete on a daily basis.

Ultima Nutritional Supplements has provided Matt with this winning formula that works in the form of Ultima Performance Shake.

Matt Sates is on his way to make history! one of the youngest Olympians in Swimming and the fastest in the world in all ages.
The Ultima formula provides Matt with everything needed – the best source of proteins,  minerals and vitamins – all the nutrients needed to meet the demands of a world class training and exercise regime, ensuring that Matt can perform at his peak, at all times, both academically and physically, during training and competition. In addition to helping Matt perform optimally, it facilitates for recovery and muscle repair allowing Matt to be 100 % ready, come what may.

Staying lean is vital to swimmers who want to improve endurance, strength, explosive power and overall well-being. Ultima’s formula is designed to maximize your power-to-weight ratio, which in short means increasing strength and maintaining a lean streamlined build. This is critical for Matt as it maximizes his speed and allows him to knife through the water.

Ultima founder Tim Shead, aged 69, Ultima’s best customer, a World Master’s Swimmer, who has been inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame (ISHOF), is testament to that. 

The Ultima formula, which has not changed, has been an industry leader and winner for more than 30 years.  It is totally unique and unparalleled, was specifically formulated for swimmers by swimmers and can be used for other sporting disciplines such as cycling, running and general nutrition with great results.

Also competing in the Tokyo Olympics and using the same multi world record formula, that has produced over 800 world records in the past, are US Olympians; 15 year old phenomenon Katie Grimes* and most improved US swimmer Patrick Callan*.  Just like Matt Sates, both have used the same winning formula for many years, helping them to cope with the needs and challenges of a growing body and mind and allowing them to perform at their peak and reach their Olympic dreams and goals.

Ensure you or your kids become champions like Matt and purchase your Ultima Performance directly from www.ultima.co.za. With expert guidance and knowledge on how and when best to use the products, speak to Maddie Shead at 021 7023910 or email info@ultima.co.za.

If you are a serious athlete who gets tested for banned or illegal substances, you've come to the right place, contact Maddie Shead for more info at maddie@ultima.co.za

*The Ultima Performance formula is sold as P2Life Nutriboost in USA.

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