How to Get the Most From Your Ultima 1 Shake

How to Get the Most From Your Ultima 1 Shake

The truth is that weight loss/gain is just maths. When you understand how it works, it will be that much easier to know what you have to do to get your desired results. Hopefully, the below information will help make your goals simpler and more achievable.

  1. Calorie Burning

There are 2 aspects to burning calories.

  1. BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate): this is the rate that your body burns calories at when you are at rest. It includes all the processes your body does to stay alive. It includes a) heart rate, b) digestion and, most importantly c) temperature. Generally, the temperature outside is colder than our body temperature, meaning that we have to work to keep warm, and we burn calories to do so.
  2. Activity levels, ie. what we burn while we are awake and active

These 2 are totally separate, but both important.

In terms of BMR, the average woman will burn 2200 calories per day, assuming that she has not done metabolic damage through crazy dieting. Men have it a little easier, burning around 2400 calories per day.

So, you can affect your weight through 1 of 2 ways:

  1. consuming, ie. the calories you eat, or
  2. expending, ie. the calories you burn

So, this is how the maths works:

Eat less calories that you burn = weight loss

Eat the same amount of calories as you burn = weight maintenance

Eat more calories than you burn = weight gain


  1. Nutrients vs. Calories

This is where it gets a little tricky.

Our bodies get hungry for 2 things: calories (carbs, proteins, fats) and nutrients (vitamins, minerals, electrolytes). We need both to survive, but our perception of hunger does not distinguish between the 2.

This may help you to understand why crazy dieting doesn’t work. A diet normally means that you lower your calorie intake, which means that your nutrient intake is also lowered. So, what happens is that as your willpower decreases, your nutrient hunger increase and the day those 2 cross paths is the day you eat the fridge. What’s more, your body has also been forced to learn how to survive off less nutrients, hence your BMR is lowered and the result is a slower metabolism.

So, before your diet you may have been burning 2200 calories per day, but now you may only be burning around 1600 calories per day, making weight loss and/or maintenance that much harder.

The trick therefore is to lower your calorie intake, while still giving your body all the nutrients it needs to survive.

  1. Ultima 1 Shake

The Ultima 1 Shake offers you the best of both worlds and that’s what makes it so effective. You meet all of your nutrient requirements at the therapeutic dosages, but you do this in only 110 calories per serving, meaning that your metabolism is not damaged in the process.

With this in mind, the Ultima 1 Shake becomes a very effective tool:

There are 7700 calories in 1kg of fat and, as you already know, there are 110 calories in 1 serving of the Ultima 1 Shake.

So, if you replace all your meals with a shake (4 servings) = roughly 450 calories consumed

If you are burning 2200 calories per day = 2200 – 450 = 1750 calories burnt = 1kg of fat lost every 5 days!

Of course, you can maximise your weight loss by exercising as this will help you burn even more calories each day. However, try and keep your exercise at a low intensity to ensure you are burning fat and not just glycogen.

  1. Protein

Protein is exceptionally important when dieting. Without the correct proteins, your body will eat at your muscle stores as opposed to your fat stores, leaving you with a flabby look.

There are 2 types of proteins to consider here:

  1. whey protein, which is a muscle building protein, and
  2. casein protein, which is a muscle protecting protein.

The Ultima 1 Shake has the correct dosages of both, but especially Casein, which will ensure your body will attack your fat stores and you will not lose muscle.

  1. Sleep

Sleep is our body’s time to recover and it is important to give your body all the nutrients it requires to do so. Having a shake before bed will ensure your body can recover properly, will attack fat and not muscle while you sleep and will leave you feeling awake and refreshed in the morning. So, give your body a helping hand by 1 serving immediately before jumping into bed. You’ll be amazed at the difference!

So, that’s it…

Eat Right + Sleep Right + Exercise Right = Maximum Weight Loss!


  • Shaz

    Is Ultima1 safe to use for people with ulcerative colitis


    I like to try out the Ultimate SHAKE.

  • Keren Loggenberg

    We have recently started using shakes. Both my partner and I are feeling less hungry already.
    We have opted to replace two meals a day and it’s going great. It tastes great and is easy to prepare.
    Best part is it’s only around R10 a shake which is easy on the budget.
    We haven’t noticed weight loss yet but we have also decided not to weigh in every day. So let’s see where it takes us.

  • Henriette

    Cannot find Ultima Diet powder in Witbank Clicks or Dischem.

  • Miemie

    A fantastic product! I already lost 20 kg in 7 months and the compliments are showering … I love my Ultima 1 shakes … I think I’m addicted!🤣

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