Stay Healthy, while losing weight!

Stay Healthy, while losing weight!

Stay Healthy, while losing weight!

Tis the time of repenting for all our indulging’s during the Christmas holidays. Trying to shed that unwanted weight? With Ultima, its easy!

That’s why this month’s FEATURED PRODUCT – Ultima, BURN XPRESS is the product you need. ONLY Ultima Burn Xpress supplies ALL the nutrients, in the proven therapeutic dosages, that your body needs to maximize fat burning, accelerate weight-loss, increase toning ability and build muscle while still keeping you healthy and safe.

 How it works:

Ultima Burn Xpress increases and maximizes your bodies’ metabolism, energy and activity levels, so you can burn more calories – therefore increasing the speed of weight loss. To make it better, that’s not all Ultima Burn Xpress can do for you. It will also rid you of that lethargy and weakened feeling you get when trying to lose weight. 

Maximise these effects, Burn Xpress is best taken with the Ultima 1 Shake too.

Dosage: Adults (+16): For the first 2 days take 2 capsules only with meals (1 in the morning, 1 mid-day) On day 3 and 4, take 1 capsule, 4 times a day. Do not exceed 8 capsules per day, with no more than 2 capsules per serving.

To maximize these effects, Ultima Burn Xpress is best taken with the Ultima 1 Shake. A Nutrition dense shake made up of top quality ingredients, vitamins and minerals and all the nutrients your body needs to be healthy.

Purchase online to the value of R400.00 and we will send you a FREE Ultima Burn Xpress, valued at ???????.

Ultima Burn Xpress - The Ultima Herbal Formula that supercharges your metabolism and weight loss.

See what customers keep saying, and you decide if these products are good for you.


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