The Rio Olympics!

The Rio Olympics!

The Rio Olympics are upon us one again and we watch in awe and wonder at the superb athletes of some of the greatest sportsmen and women of our time.

We can be especially awed at the performance of South Africa’s very own Wayde van Niekerk, who not only won the 400m race, but also set an Olympic and World record time of 43.03 seconds. You can watch his incredible performance here.

As with every world-class athlete, Wayde takes his training very seriously. He also watches his diet to make sure that his body is in top form to bring out the burst of speed that he requires to run and beat the world, just as he has done in the Rio Olympics.

Eat Healthily

That means that he not only eats healthily, but he also takes nutrition supplements to ensure that his body is fed a complete range of vitamins, minerals and micro-nutrients. This makes sense, as he is a great athlete.

But we also face the same challenges as Wayde, albeit on a far smaller scale. (I suspect that most of us don’t qualify for the Rio Olympics)! We need to keep our bodies trim and well fed with a complete nutritional diet to ensure that our bodies and minds are up to the tasks that present themselves daily.

A healthy diet should consist of small portions of every food group (well, perhaps not too much starch or carbohydrates unless you are going to burn that energy off with exercise). You’ll note that runners carbo-load before a race. That’s because they want the energy of carbohydrates to help them through their competition.

Less nutrients in our food

There is also the fact we, as a generation, do not get nearly the same nutrients from vegetables and fruit as was the case in the past. This is because of modern commercial farming practises and GMO foods entering our food chain. The sad fact is that these practises will continue unless government intervenes, so it’s really out of our control.

So what can we do about it?

Let’s look at what is in our control. We can certainly exercise, choose organic, reduce our food portions and stop eating snacks and sweets (good luck with that one)! But we are still faced with food that does not have the same nutritional value as they had in generations passed.

This means that we should all be supplementing our diets with natural ingredients that will provide a complete menu of nutrition sources for our bodies and minds.

This is where Ultima shines. We stock a complete range of products and product bundles that provide complementary nutrients so that we can eat appropriately and be at our peak performance. We’ve had over 30 years’ experience in the field of natural food supplements and our customer feedback demonstrates that we have the best value for money supplements and that our products work!

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