The Ultima Difference, by Tim Shead

The Ultima Difference, by Tim Shead

I guess you might say I am winning the war of attrition. 32 years ago I didn’t even rank in the top 500 in world, now I am winning. We are all getting older but the people I compete against are all slowing down and getting weaker, developing illnesses and joint problems, pains and injuries- while I haven’t.

The difference between now and 32 years ago can only be attributed to one thing- NUTRITION!

It is not by chance that ALL the world’s top sporting teams and individuals, as well as businessmen and world leaders, employ nutritional experts to ensure their daily nutritional needs are met.

Today the need for nutritional supplementation is no longer one for debate; it is only a question of which products are safe and ideal for your age, lifestyle demands, goals or sport.

32 years ago I was training 5 hours a DAY yet, like most young people, thought I was invincible and could survive, and thrive, on cold drinks and sandwiches. I had not given my body the tools it needed to capitalise on all that training, to repair, get stronger, healthier and faster. I had failed to feed myself the nutrients my body needed.

Everyone knows that if you do not take care of your car – it will not perform like it should and eventually breakdown. Our body is the same – if we do not take care of it – it will breakdown. We will not perform as we should either physically or mentally. We will get injured and sick more frequently, develop aches, pains and cancers, and age and die prematurely.

It is only as we get older we realise our own mortality and how incredibly precious our health and wellbeing is. Today I only train about 5 hours a week, but I give my body the nutrients it needs, and the results speak for themselves.

My nutritional journey began when I was elected by the top swimmers in America to represent them. Sitting on the Executive Committee and Board of Directors of US Swimming Inc, and later as a Head US International Swim Coach, I met some of the most brilliant minds in the world on health and performance. Over the years I have been fortunate enough to build and expand on those friendships.

Each year researchers learn more and more about the needs of the human body, and in today’s tress filled world, what we need is to both cope with that stress and maximise our health, well being, physical and mental performance, and longevity.

I was in collaboration with all those experts, that the Ultima range of Nutritional Supplements was developed. I have personally taken some of the Ultima formulas almost every day for up to 32 years. I guess that makes me its best customer.

I am also Ultima’s guinea pig – as we have never sold any Ultima formula that I have not taken myself.

The fact is that I manufacture all Ultima Products, if there were healthier formula’s available, I would know about, produce and take them.

THE ULTIMA PROMISE! I promise you the following: All Ultima products are well researched; contain the freshest, safest, most effective and most beneficial ingredients, all with the goal of providing you and your loved ones the greatest health benefits.

So whether you are 8 or 80 years old, I urge you to take the ULTIMA CHALLANGE. Try any Ultima Product, see how much better you feel and perform.


Thank you for your interest.

Tim Shead, Ultima Founder

"The human body is amazing and capable of Monumental Achievements, Look after it, Nourish it correctly, and you will be amazed at how good you can feel. and what you are able to Accomplish."

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