Ultima and P2Lifes’ Shake is Perfect When Consumed Right Before Bed

Ultima and P2Lifes’ Shake is Perfect When Consumed Right Before Bed

This graph shows the critical importance of the sleep process. When the body has no demands it can concentrate only on strength and stamina building, repairing and rejuvenating.

ONLY Ultima and P2Life shakes supply the perfect protein blend and all other essential nutrients needed to maximize the overall health gains during sleep.

Studies have shown that taking 30-40g (2 scoops) of protein before bed can help promote weight loss, stimulate muscle growth, and help preserve muscle mass. According to Oxford Academic, “a proper distribution (both timing and quantity) of protein intake is essential to allow protein supplementation to increase lean muscle mass, strength, and function, which includes presleep protein ingestion.”

Will It Disrupt Sleep?

Some people may think it sounds counterproductive to drink a protein shake before bedtime if you’re trying to get a decent night’s sleep, but again, the proof is in the pudding.

In fact, Dr. Tim Snijder, Assistant Professor at Maastricht University, who did a study on this said in his study, “it has been consistently shown that presleep protein ingestion has no effect on sleep onset latency or sleep quality.”

Studies have suggested that you might want to consider adding a protein shake to your nighttime routine. Whether you’re an athlete, women, man or senior it seems that everyone can benefit from having a protein shake before they retire for the night.

Remember, only when you achieve maximum health can you also achieve optimum performance!

Ultima and P2Life Nutrition have a proven track record of maximizing your health! Over 800 World Records have been set by swimmers taking our health and performance promoting products.


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