Ultima client loses 50kg in 9 months.

Ultima client loses 50kg in 9 months.

Ultima client Erica Carstens of Cape Town shares her story on how she lost 50kg in 9 months with the assistance of our Ultima1 product, read her story below:

I started taking Ultima 1 on 23rd February 2013 as I was so tired of being big and always buying a size 16!  My goal was to lose 50kg and to go from a size 16 to a size 10.

I replaced my breakfast and lunch with the Ultima 1 shake mixed with 200ml of fat free milk & 2 ice cubes.  I made a habit of drinking 2 litres of water a day, and also had a glass of water half an hour before my dinner which normally consisted of either grilled fish or chicken with white and green veggies or a green salad.  Once a week I would have 2 boiled eggs with a green salad.

If I was hungry in between I would snack on an apple and raw almonds.

The first two weeks were difficult, but I had made up my mind to give it my best shot.  I weighed myself once a week in the morning when I got up.  The first month I had lost 12.5kg!

Three months into the diet I started mixing my shake with water & 2 ice cubes, instead of milk.

It took me 9 months to reach my goal and I now feel so good about myself.  I feel confident and can go to any shop and buy clothes!  Never before could I imagine myself buying an item in a small size!

I recently started with some exercise to tone my body a bit, but the most important thing is my mind set.  I have started a new way of life and decided to exclude rice/pasta/bread and potatoes from my diet.

Going forward now I still have my Ultima 1 shake in the morning, fruit for lunch and pretty much the same dinners.

I love my life now – I have energy and I have maintained my weight for 3 months.

Ultima 1 is the way forward and will be my way of eating for the future.

Kind Regards

Erica Carstens

(Cape Town)

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