Ultima Women

Ultima Women

It is an unfortunate fact of life that women have more demands on their lives and deal with a lot more stress and upset than men think they do!

Typically, the Ultima woman has to think of others from the moment she wakes up to the time she goes to sleep. She has children to sort out and a husband to get going. It’s not easy and requires an enormous amount of energy, commitment and endurance.

The Stress of running a family

Not everyone has it. Getting children out of bed, washed, dressed, fed and driven to school is an undertaking in itself, no matter age your children are, and the thing is, they never really go away. They may leave your house, but they remain your children and you worry about them as they make their own way through life, making their own mistakes that you could see coming a mile away.

You also have a husband to consider. Generally, men are in their own world, compartmentalized and often uncommunicative. In the morning, they’re thinking about the coming work day and having to drop off the kids (possibly)! They see the morning ritual as something that “just happens” around them and are quite taken aback when you say that they don’t help getting the family going at the start of the day. It just doesn’t enter their minds!

The stress of being a working mother and wife

Next, you’re a working mother too, particularly in these days where finances don’t stretch as far as they used to. Let’s face it, parenting and educating children is a very expensive exercise. So it’s off to work you go, dealing with the stress of traffic and the work environment and that can include the office gossip machine, the boss and your work colleagues. Work is not always fun but it has to be handled without throwing your toys, no matter the provocation.

The Ultima Woman also has to deal with being a woman biologically. There are times when you just can’t handle it anymore, but you just have to grin and bear it and pretend everything’s fine when your emotions and hormones seem to be ganging up on you. The average man doesn’t really understand or notice this aspect of being a woman – they just expect you to act the same every day, be it your management or your colleagues. It’s tough.

It never seems to stop!

To top it off you come to the end of your working day and you are expected to be there for your family again. Children are not interested in your problems, they want to tell you theirs and to fix them. Your husband is tired and the whole family is waiting for you to make supper. The fact that you are tired too is not their problem. So you go through the hassle of making supper and cleaning up with (hopefully) some help from your family. Then it’s time for homework and let’s face it – it’s generally you doing the homework while your child tries to understand.

And at the end of the day perhaps there is time to engage with your husband for a short while before it’s time to sleep and the whole rollercoaster begins again.

Coping tips for stress

How do you cope with all this stress? There are a couple of ways to make your day enjoyable and less stressful. Let’s look at some of them:

  1. Block off some time for yourself. That may not be easy, but do it, because you need it. Even if you take little 10-15 minute time-outs throughout your day it will help calm and orientate you.
  2. You might not have time or be able to afford a gym but a half hour jog in the morning or evening will lift your spirits, get those endorphins going, release stress and energise you.
  3. Eat healthily. That’s probably easier said than done (and sounds expensive), but if you take small steps to eating right, you’ll get there and feel and look so much better. Leave out the breakfast cereals (they’re full of sugar) and get some protein in, such as egg on brown or whole-wheat toast. Eat fruit for a snack at work. Do NOT eat sweets. Reduce the amount of sugar you have in your tea/coffee and limit your coffee to 3-4 cups per day. For supper, have grilled chicken or fish (they’re cheaper than red meat anyway) and vegetables, or noodles / stir-fry / pasta / vegetable stew. Go low on the carbs, otherwise you’ll put on weight.
  4. If you smoke, please quit smoking.
  5. If you drink, consider lowering your alcohol intake. Research has shown that alcohol is directly and proportionately linked to seven different types of cancer.
  6. Take appropriate nutrition supplements. Ultima Woman contains Ultima1, a complete and very tasty meal replacement. It also contains Adaptogens that help relieve stress, improve mental clarity and levels out your mood amongst other benefits. Lastly, Ultima Woman has Omega3, and essential fat (which means your body does not produce it) that is ideal brain food and helps to keep your heart healthy. It reduces inflammation too (a reaction to cortisol, a stress hormone).

Be an overcomer!

So there you have it. Some small ideas to help you overcome your day, be there for others but most importantly be there for yourself.

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