Ultima shakes take the guesswork out of your nutritional needs by giving you the same nutritional advantage that the world’s best athletes get and need.  Whether for growth, general well-being, and recovery from illness or injury, or maximizing physical and mental performance, Ultima will ensure every nutrient you need is there when you need it.

Everyone knows you should eat 3 balanced meals everyday, but the sad fact is - it is practically impossible.  Whether you are a working professional, a dedicated mother, or student - the fact is our busy lifestyles do not allow us to have a proper breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday, or make sure that the nutritional value of the foods we do eat, is adequate.  

It is well documented that the nutritional content of most foods has dropped significantly over the past 20 years while its fat and calorie content has increased.


Complete and Balanced Formula: Ultima shakes have every nutrient known to be needed by the human body, in the recommended dosages.  You get EVERYTHING; NOTHING missing; NOTHING left to chance.

Protein Sources:  Not all protein is the same.  They vary in potency, amino acid makeup, ability to be absorbed, what they do, and the amount of other nutrients they may contain.  Their main function is to build and repair muscle and lean body tissue in the body. 

The protein sources in Ultima shakes are:  Whey - primarily an anabolic protein meaning its main purpose is to build muscle. Caseinate - preserves and protects existing muscle and lean body tissue (heart etc) Soy – superior overall nutritional content

For superior taste benefits and despite the higher overall cost, Ultima chooses to use all 3 sources of protein, because all 3 have important roles to play in the overall health and performance of the body.

Multiple Uses:  Because the Ultima Shakes are so nutritionally superior, complete and balanced - yet low in calories; they be adapted to any lifestyle and goal.

Weight Loss:  The goal in any weight loss programme MUST begin with getting and maintaining proper nutrient supply to the body.  The consequences of NOT doing this are not only short terms results in any weight loss, but permanent slowing of the metabolism (causing lifetime dieter syndrome), disorientation, irritability, heart and other health problems due to loss of lean body tissue, weakness and sagging skin (due to loss of muscle tissue)


This does NOT happen with Ultima shakes because they supply you every nutrient you need to not only maintain health- but actually increase your health and wellbeing while losing weight.  Simply take a serving of Ultima shake in place of as many meals each day as your lifestyle allows.

The more meals you replace- the faster the weight loss.  Importantly, by getting the nutrition in Ultima shakes you will minimize your calorie intake while protecting muscle and lean body tissue and maximizing your energy and metabolism.  It is impossible to lose weight any faster! 

Maximizing Health and Performance: The body is amazing- simply feed it what it needs and you will be amazed how good you will feel and what you are able to accomplish.  The body can overcome many ailments if it just has the nutrients it needs.  The same for performance.  Consider this- for you and your children.  Take an Ultima shake twice a day. Take your first serving each morning- this will ensure you start each day completely ready and prepared for the mental and physical stress and demands to come.  Then take your second the last thing each night, almost literally as you are getting into bed.

Ultima Sports Performance Shake

Ultima shakes are low in calorie so you will have NO weight gain problems, but it will ensure that all night- which is when the body grows and builds- your body will have ALL the nutrients to fully recover, rejuvenate and prepare for the next day.

Taste: Surprise yourself, you will LOVE the taste our Ultima shakes even when mixed with water.  No more holding your nose, pulling faces or bad aftertaste.  We know you will agree.

Value: Ultima shakes offer tremendous value.  Affordable - it would be impossible to get something better or better for you.

Who should use Ultima's Shake?

    • Anyone wanting to Lose Weight
    • Anyone wanting to Gain muscle and Strength
    • Anyone wanting to live a Healthy, Nutritional Lifestyle
    • Anyone wanting to Maintain their weight
    • Anyone living an Active lifestyle
    • Athletes
    • Men
    • Women
    • Elderly
    • Students
    • The Whole Family

Get your Ultima shake today and take the guess work out ouf your nutritional needs.

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