Winter is Here!

Winter is Here!

The weather is colder.

We eat more and we move less.

We leave and get home from work in the dark.

We feel more exhausted and stressed.

We don’t need to feel like this. By eating more of certain foods in winter we can stay strong, healthy, focused and energised.

Get into Winter Foods!

Winter foods contain natural immune boosting nutrients.  Stock up on

sweet potatoes and green leafy vegetables.  We are spoilt for choice when it comes to citrus, so grab a bag of oranges or naartjies at your local traffic light or favourite store.  

Our bodies crave carbs and who doesn’t want that piece of cake or toasted sandwich.

Rather opt in for a rich protein shake, which will help to fuel and recharge your body after a long day.

Personalise your shake by adding fruit to it or add a scoop or two to a bowl of Greek yoghurt.  Yum !

Both mood and immunity are affected by decreased levels of Vitamin D from limited sun exposure.  Eat more eggs, cheese and fatty fish like Tuna, Sardines and Salmon.

Our hair, skin and nails take a pounding in the extreme cold and dry air.  Supplement with Omega 3s.  This will also help to stabilise and improve your mood.  Try adding Chia seeds or flax seed to your protein shake.

The key to maximising health and happiness is to make sure you get all your nutritional needs.

“People don’t notice whether it’s winter or summer when they’re happy.”

- Anton Chekhov

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